The world of travel distribution is fragmenting as travel suppliers deploy APIs that allow their retail partners to book direct rather than through legacy distribution systems.

For partners this represents both an exciting opportunity and a considerable technical challenge to integrate a growing number of suppliers into their retailing systems.

Pioneer is a free web service that is designed to address the technical challenge faced by partners by providing the ability to integrate any number of suppliers by creating a single connection to Pioneer.

Pioneer stands firm on the foundations of our 3 Pioneering Principles, which are designed to create a sustainable platform for all users:

Free to use for partners and suppliers

An endless amount of research into what it takes to build a successful, modern platform highlights that taxing the core transaction will stall the growth of your platform - something that no aggregation platform can afford if it’s to become the ubiquitous standard of future travel retailing. So, with this in mind, Pioneer is completely free to use for both partners and suppliers.

Plugin code is open source

Open sourcing plugin code enables both partners and suppliers to contribute resource to the maintenance of existing plugins and to the addition of new ones and eliminates concerns regarding proprietary technology. In turn this enables Pioneer’s coverage to grow far faster than any closed platform - growth that all of our partners will certainly benefit from.

Suppliers must remain firmly in control of access and commercials

Pioneer should remain a toolkit to enable aggregation and should not interfere with the partner/supplier relationship, meaning that suppliers should always retain control of who can access their direct connect and the commercial agreements that run alongside this.