Increase direct bookings and reduce distribution costs with Pioneer

Pioneer is a free web service that enables you, the travel supplier, to easily connect with your retail partners, increasing direct bookings and reducing your distribution costs.

The good news is that Pioneer is totally free to use, meaning that you can offload the overhead of onboarding, certifying and managing third party developers by directing them this way.

It’s important that you remain in control of your own commercials, which is why Pioneer will never interfere with the deals you have with your retail partners. Decisions over who can access your direct connect also sits firmly with you, meaning you can maintain great relationships with your retail partners.

Pioneer connects to each supplier using a plugin specifically designed to work with their direct connect technology; although we also have off-the-shelf plugins for official standards, such as IATA NDC.

The best news is that Pioneer is free for all; free to connect and free to use.

British Airways
Aer Lingus